Marketing for Chinese Companies

Are you considering expanding your customer base, and increasing your product exposure and growth to the U.S. market? Entering a new market is always a difficult process, filled with countless unknowns and uncertainties. U.S. consumers are one of the world’s largest buyer group, but also one of the most sophisticated and complicated to understand. We are here to help guide your brand along the way and prepare an actionable strategy tailor to your needs and goals.

We are here to educate and prepare international brands that seek to sell and market to an American audience. We construct complete and implement full marketing strategies and campaigns that takes in consideration the U.S. culture, finance, demographics, psychology, habits and other factors that specific to your target market. We make sure your brand is ready to be introduced to a new audience, in order to help grow your market share, brand awareness, and profit.



Q: How will you help in developing a U.S. market?

A: Every brand and product is unique, so we approach every project in three stages: Research, Planning and Execution.

Stage 1: Research

During this stage, we comprehensive familiarize ourselves with your brand and products. By understanding your brand’s goals, philosophy, product selection, customer base, and history, we can effective communicate the same message to your new audience, and even develop a newer one!

We also do extensive research on potential target markets within the U.S. so that we have an accurate understanding of their wants and needs. This way we can tailor your product in terms of price point, placement, presentation, and promotion to capture these consumers.

Stage 2: Planning

At this stage, our creative marketing team takes all that data collected and creates a strategic and budget-conscience marketing blueprint for your brand. We work with our clients to create online and/or offline marketing plans that are both goal oriented and budget friendly. We do not believe in developing strategies that are high on costs, but have low in return on investments.

Stage 3: Execution

A progressive marketing strategy is worthless unless it is properly executed. We work alongside our clients to make sure that our strategies are executed to completion. Our strategies are always actionable, and we have a dedicated team that implements, mentors, adjusts and reports the results.


Q: How will you help promote our brand and products?

A: When constructing our marketing plan, we always take in consideration several factors such as you brand/product/target market etc. This way we can pinpoint what would be the most cost effective and strategic methods. The two most common methods are online marketing and offline marketing.

Online Marketing

The best and most necessary method to secure a base in the U.S. market is to have a clear and presentable online infrastructure. We will create a full 360 omnichannel online presence for your brand so potential consumers can easily find, learn, and purchase your products.

  1. a) Official US website

A brand’s website is the digital face of the company and you only get one chance to make a first impression. Chinese websites with English often have the following barriers:

  • Errors in spelling and grammar
  • Design and layouts are not in Western standards
  • Site is not searchable in U.S. search engines
  • International browsing slowdowns and navigation errors due to China based servers

We make sure that your U.S. website is designed to be attractive, educational, and most importantly functional.

  1. b) Search Engine Optimization

We are make sure that your website, published content, and all online presence are optimized for search engines. This is so that your brand is present when potential buyers are doing their initial search. To achieve this, we make sure that all your content is relevant and targeted towards your target market. This requires advanced analytical, creative and language skills.

  1. c) Social Media Marketing

Most successful brands know the true power of having a thriving social media network. We establish your brand on leading platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, and help create an organic fan base. This will allow your audience to find your brand, learn about new products, and also engage with other buyers. Thus creating a community around your brand/product and strengthens brand loyalty.

  1. d) Email, Advertising and Local Directory

Newsletters and online ads are a great way to reach current and potential consumers. We design informative and attractive promotional newsletters and online placement ads that appeals to your target audience.

  1. e) Website Analytics

Website Analytics is crucial to understand how well your marketing efforts are performing in real time. We will track and provide timely reports on how effective your online presences are. This data will also allow us to understand your audience, discover potential new markets, and improve current and future marketing efforts. We continuously seek to improve and discover new methods to help promote your brand.

Offline Marketing

We will also create and plan offline marketing materials and strategies so that you can reach consumers in real life. This includes:

  1. Special events
  2. Trade and industry shows
  3. Brochures, videos, and other collaterals
  4. Advertisements in publications, print and television
  5. Press releases
  6. Customer relationship management


Q: Why Should We Choose Your Firm?

A. Our strategies are developed specifically around your needs and budget. We are a boutique marketing firm with a selective client portfolio, and headed by individuals who works in the field and understands the various innovative, creative and traditional methods to reach consumers. We also have responsive teams that will lead your brand and products from the initial market research phase, all the way to the finalized implementation. We always consider your goals and budget when developing our strategies, so that you get the most effective solutions.